Tips For Starting A Legal Consulting Career

legal consulting career tips

Legal consulting is a non-traditional legal career path many are choosing. The desire to work in a less stressful environment and wanting to be your own boss are some of the reasons why you might consider legal consulting. Luckily, the demand for legal contractors exists and consulting offers several professional and lifestyle benefits.

Setting your own hours and choosing the assignments you take on is one of the benefits of a legal consulting career. However, some find the lack of structure too demanding and uncomfortable. Legal consulting requires a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

To get started with your career as a legal consultant, you should work with a staffing firm that specializes in placement of legal professionals. If you are seeking a career in legal consulting, it is important to have the following tips in mind.

1. Avoid Quitting Your Existing Job Immediately

A legal consultant’s career takes a lot of careful planning and you won’t receive your paycheck until you get your first assignment. Take the time to build a strong offline and online network, establish a website for the consulting practice, and establish a presence online that will establish you as an expert in the legal field.

2. Finding A Niche Area

Potential clients are in plenty but so too is the competition. Since it is impossible to cover the range of specialties and still manage to deliver exceptional results, it is best to emphasize your strong points. If you have strong skills in a particular area, emphasize them. Organizations and firms are always searching for legal consultants with specialized skill sets who can assist, for example, a wealth management attorney or a personal injury attorney or a firm that focuses on negotiating joint ventures. Start by identifying yours and marketing them before targeting potential clients.

3. Filling Breaks With Continuing Legal Education

The career of a legal consultant will inevitably have gaps between projects. You should make the most of this time by enrolling in courses that will help you brush up on skills and deepen your knowledge. If you do this, you will be adding more desirable credentials to your resume and you will end up looking even more appealing to your potential clients.

Final Thoughts

Setting out to establish your career as a legal consultant is quite exciting but can be risky too. However, with an entrepreneurial attitude, proper planning, and the advice laid out in this article, it is possible to take charge of your career and establish yourself as an expert in the field of law.