How to Obtain Permanent U.S. Residency Through Marriage

There are different ways that a person can become a citizen of the United States. One way is to obtain permanent residency through marriage. Citizens and permanent residents can sponsor an individual by petitioning for that person to get a green card.

The option to get a green card or permanent residency through marriage can also apply to children who immigrate along with the foreign spouse. They have to meet certain eligibility requirements. The process differs based on the status of the sponsor. They can be a green card holder themselves or they can be a US Citizen.

When a couple gets married, the foreign partner can get their green card. This is a permanent residence card. It lets people live and work in the US. Getting this card is only the first step to citizenship. After getting a green card, a person can apply for naturalization. The person does not become a US citizen immediately.

residency through marriage

There is another way to get residency through the Fiance visa or the K1 visa. This lets the fiance enter the US for three months. During this time, the couple must get married and apply for citizenship. This can be a costlier and riskier way of getting residency. It can be risky because of the chance of the marriage not working out.

When a person does get a green card, they can travel more freely out of the US. If a person ever gets divorced after getting permanent residency, it can be a problem. In this instance, the person should apply for citizenship and go through the process again. This takes time because a person must wait five years from the date of approval for residency before being able to do this.

Also, when choosing to get married to get a green card, make sure to get legally married. There are some marriages that are not valid and these must be avoided if the green card is to be obtained properly.

The application process for a green card can also be done online. There are many resources to find the applications needed to get one without marriage. The process is different for anyone applying while living outside of the United States. Once permanent residency is established through marriage, it should be noted that the individual cannot do everything that a citizen can do such as vote.